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My love it is your birthday. Your 30th birthday to be exact. So I thought, what better way to celebrate 30 than to relive some highlights of your twenties.

  1. Any bday celebration where we got too drizzy, wore costumes and tiaras, and had extreme dance parties
  2. Yamamotos + 1
  3. Your amazing wedding 
  4. Dance parties at concerts
  5. PBR… bad decisions
  6. Laughing so hard we can’t stand
  7. NYC, New Orleans, Bethany, Richmond, Charlottesville
  8. Your running - hell you finished a marathon in 2012!!!
  9. Tattoos - birds of a feather
  10. Pop music
  11. Hipster music
  12. Rap music
  13. MUSIC
  14. You are still the prettiest Justin Beiber I know
  15. Adopting Scout, don’t worry BH- I was only the stand-in spouse
  16. Making friends on the Internet - you are internet famous
  17. Day-Drinking
  18. Dewey Devils
  19. Neon’s triumphant return
  20. All the other great times, good friends, and amazing memories that were made in your twenties

Your twenties were pretty spectacular. I say we make our thirties even better. Welcome to the club lady, I have been saving you a seat right next to me.


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  1. sashayrae said: There are no words to explain my love for you. but here goes: you are the Mac to my cheese; the pop to my rock and I wanna drive the sardine can to the peach pit in Texass forever and always. Xoxoxox
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